Memberships at Stoneygate FC

Senior player (18+ ) – £120 playing subs

For mini and junior players, we have a single player membership or a multi child membership.

Mini and Junior membership for 1 child = £55 total
Mini and Junior membership for 2 or more children = £85 total

Stoneygate Supporter – membership for this is free, but please register in order to be eligible for Tigers Ticket Offers and to keep up to date with News and Events etc.

Please note that all subs should be paid by September 30th 2018. Anyone who has not paid their subs by that date is not eligible to represent the club in a competitive game.

If your child played last year, your details are listed within the database and you are classed as an Existing Member

If your child did not play play last season, you are a Senior Player or would like to become a Supporter your details have not been inputted, so please register here